Connect4Summer was first delivered in 2019 by Susan Parish (Park Community School) and Jan Lefley (Romsey Community School) across Hampshire and on the borders of Southampton and Portsmouth. This was funded by the Department for Education Holiday Activities Fund.

We delivered to 21 locations over four weeks for 20 days from 10am – 3pm. Please click here to see the review document. The programme was well received by families and partner agencies who supported our delivery with visits to families in the fun days, providing advice and support on various issues including: housing, health, Community Education and budgeting.

Families took part in cooking activities, making meals as a family to take home and cook, learning new skills and recipes. They explored different fitness options from military fitness through to hoola-hooping, created art work in clay, made recycled art and learned about maths and science in a fun way. Feedback from families was very positive with over 1500 postcards returned with comments about the impact on their families. Over 30 long term unemployed people were given paid roles within the project and have now gone onto permanent employment.